​​​Caroline Carter: Level 6 Vault Champion 

Eva Rudajev: Level 8 Beam Champion

​Eva Rudajev: Level 8 Regional Qualifier

Madalyn Rutkin: Level 3 Vault and Bars Champion

Parker Blackburn: Level 3 Vault Champion

Maya Griess: Level 3 Vault Champion

Ashley Mullarkey: Level 2 Vault, Bars, and All-Around Champion

​Molly Loupin: Level 2 Floor Champion​

Journey Hopper: Xcel Gold Vault Champion

​Avery Brown: Xcel Gold Floor Champion

Kileigh Floto: Level 6 and Floor Champion


Our Compulsory Team includes level 2 through level 5.  These gymnasts train in 3-hour block practices year-round.  Their competition season ranges from August through November/early December and includes an in-house competition, 5 qualifying competitions around the state, and the state championship competition at the conclusion of the season.  This team is invitation only, with new gymnasts being invited to join in January either from the Developmental Program and team tryouts.   

For more information about out Pre-Team or our Competitive Team, please call 813-849-8291, email us at starsgymtampa@hotmail.com, or see our front desk staff for more assistance. 

Gavriella Espinosa: Level 6 Bars and All Around Champion

Emma Walker: Level 6 Floor Champion

Cemre Kayisli: XCEL Gold Vault and Floor Champion

Bizzy Dalechek: XCEL Gold Floor Champion

Kaiya Bell: Level 3 Vault Champion

Emerson Perkey: Level 2 Bars Champion

Kileigh Floto: Level 2 Vault Champion

Gwen Kersting: Level 2 AA Champion

​​Evie Ward: Level 2 Floor Champion

Charlie Ellison: Level 3 Beam Champion

​Malina Derringer: Xcel Bronze Vault Champion

Madison Oliver: Xcel Bronze Beam, Floor, AA Champion

Shelley Edwards: Xcel Gold Floor Champion

Avery Brown: Xcel Gold Floor Champion

​​Our Optional Team includes levels 6 and up.  These gymnasts train in 3-hour blocks in the fall and 4 hour blocks in the summer.  They compete in the spring from January-April.  There are 5 competitions throughout the state, the state championship competition, and qualifying regional and national competitions.  

​Brooke Barber: Level 7 State Vault Champion

2019 Xcel Gold Region 8 Floor Champions 

Molly Loupin & Michelle Kelley

(Photots by BK Photography)

​Zinyhria Cooper: Xcel Gold Vault & AA Champion
Jocelyn Jeffords: Xcel Gold Floor & AA Champion
​Isabel Harris: Xcel Gold Vault Champion
Molly Loupin: Xcel Gold Beam & Floor Champion
Michelle Kelley: Xcel Gold Vault & Floor Champion
Cemre Kayisli: Level 6 Vault & Beam Champion

  • Pre-Team trains 4 hours per week
  • Xcel Bronze and Silver train 6 hours per week
  • Level 2 trains 9 hours per week

  • Levels 3 - 5 train 12 hours per week

  • Levels 6+ train 16 hours per week 

We offer all levels of competitive women’s gymnastics.  Our competitive teams compete exclusively through USAG so that our gymnasts are challenged to compete against the most competitive gyms in the state.  Our team coaches are experienced, safety certified, and professional USAG members. In addition to strength, flexibility, vault, bars, beam, and floor training, we strive to instill a work ethic in each gymnast based on goal setting and peer support. Though these gymnasts compete and support each other as a team, our coaches treat and value each gymnast as an individual, an advantage of low coach-to-student ratios. 

Jordyn Forsyth: Level 8 Vault Champion

Kileigh Floto: Level 7 Vault, Floor, AA Champion

Avery Brown: XCEL Platinum Beam Champion

Isabel Harris: XCEL Platinum Vault Champion

Jorja Monks: XCEL Gold Vault, Floor, AA Champion

Fiona Murray: XCEL Gold Bars, Beam, Floor Champion

Charlie Ellison: XCEL Gold Bars, Beam, Floor, AA Champion

Madison Oliver: XCEL Silver Vault Champion

Mandy Cahill: XCEL Bronze Vault Champion

Gabriella Rickman: XCEL Bronze Bars Champion