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Classes year-round starting at age 2!

Give us a call at 813-849-8291 to sign up!

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 2:00pm-7:30pm

Friday: 3:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm

 For children ages 2 and 3; Our 30 minute classes are packed with fun and excitement. Our experience coaches challenge our small stars on a class to class basis, to exceed expectation in a supervised and safe environment 

For our tumblers

For our

Rec levels 

for our Tiny stars

For children 6 and up; Our 50 minute classes are divided by skill level (Introduction to Gymnastics, Intermediate and Advanced) offering our recreational gymnasts the opportunity to challenge themselves and to improve on a class to class basis until they move up to the next level. This class is a great platform for those stars that wish to pursue gymnastics at a competitive level. 

Stars Gymnastics in Tampa


At STARS Gymnastics, we offer a wide range of classes to ensure that individual gymnasts of all skill levels and ages can progress and improve!  Our pre-school gymnasts learn coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and all four gymnastic events in a fun and safe environment.  Our recreational gymnasts focus on strength, flexibility, vault, bars, beam, and tumbling.  They also learn coordination and muscle control in order to safely progress in the sport.  Our competitive team is among the most competitive of other teams in the state;  They compete through USAG and focus on the 4 apparatuses, becoming strong mental competitors, and becoming supportive team members.   

For children 6 and up; Our 50 minutes classes are great for kids who just want to learn how to tumble or kids who want to supplement for Cheerleading tryouts or team.